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Sorting Out The Pains And Peeves Of Having A Period

By Jennifer Newell Wendy Askew, MD

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“That time of the month.” “Aunt Flow.” “Shark Week.” “Code Red.” “Leak Week.” In a world of euphemisms, it’s time to embrace our bodies and our PERIODS.

Unfortunately, the strange symptoms, awkwardness, pain, and embarrassment of our periods prompt many of us to resort to humor when talking about this natural bodily process. But we want to help our Betties embrace the “weirdness” of their periods, so our medical professionals are addressing a few of the most common menstruation questions we get regarding what is “normal!”



Pad and Tampon

#1: I have painful anus cramps when I’m on my period…is this normal?

Unfortunately, YES. It is normal to experience anus cramps while on your period. Ugh, a literal pain in the a$$. TBH, any body part in proximity to your uterus may be subject to cramping. You don’t just have to deal with it, though!

You can try to ease the pain with the same methods you use to also alleviate regular period cramps, like ibuprofen and a heating pad. And if those don’t do the trick, it may be time to seek care from a medical professional who can offer other treatments for more severe period pain. We always like to remind our Betties that if their period pain is so intense it prevents them from going to work or school, it’s time to talk to a women’s health provider.


#2: Is it normal to feel excessively drowsy while on my period?”

Unfortunately, here at Betty’s Co. we know all too well periods cause some interesting and unexpected symptoms. The menstrual cycle is an impressive, amazing, and complex process. It involves fluctuations in hormones, neurotransmitters, and of course, bleeding. This process can lead to lots of symptoms at various times in your cycle, and fatigue before and during your cycle is very common.

Rest, moderate exercise, and a healthy diet can help. But if your level of fatigue around your period is really getting in the way of your daily life, you should probably check with a gynecologist.


#3: “My period is still all over the place after 7 years…is this normal?”

Inconsistent periods can be distressing and troublesome. Generally, a normal range for periods to arrive is within 3-6 weeks of the last period. So, it is NOT normal for someone to go 3 months between periods, then 6 weeks until the next period, and then 4 months until the next one. That’s irregular and may reflect some type of hormonal imbalance. If that’s the case for you, we recommend visiting a gynecologist.

Although it is important to acknowledge the uncomfortable events and symptoms that may arise while experiencing our periods, let’s work to combat the shame we feel about menstruation!


If you’re a Texas-based Betty and have more questions, book your appointment with one of our care providers!


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