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Semester Prep: 6 Must-Do Checkups for College Betties This Fall

By Gabi Powell

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Ready or not, here classes come, Betties! As summer winds down, it’s time to switch gears and gear up for the semester ahead. Let’s take a future-focused approach by nailing these wellness checkups before you hit the campus hustle:




Irregular periods? Intense PMS? Due for your annual exam? Go into the semester with your GYN health in check by booking a chekcup! Regular gynecological visits are essential for getting care for symptoms before they get in the way of your day-to-day life and ensuring you’re up to date on your screenings – like Pap smears + sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Speaking of…




If you’re a sexually-active Betty, prioritize your sexual health by scheduling regular STI screenings. Why? Because knowledge empowers you to take control of your body and make educated choices that promote your well-being! Oh, and while we’re at it –don’t forget to add condoms to that school supply list! They’re more than just a precaution, y’all. Condoms are a powerful tool for safeguarding your health from infections.




Own your reproductive health this semester, Betties. Book some time with your GYN provider for a contraceptive chat to explore what methods suit your body + lifestyle or to review your current method’s effectiveness and discuss any concerns.




Shots are hot, honey. Make sure you’re up to date on these four immunizations to keep yourself + your campus community safe.




The shift from easy-breezy summer to an exam-heavy semester can do a number on your mental well-being. Don’t wait until you’re knee-deep into all the studying, socializing, and working without setting yourself up with mental health support at the start. Consider booking a session with a counselor to ensure you have the right tools to manage stress and anxiety. Remember, Betties, counseling is not your last resort, but rather your first line of defense for your protecting your mental health before symptoms hold you back from your fullest life!




Quality ZZZ’s are the bedrock for Betties feeling their best! If summer has your body cruising at a midnight-or-later bedtime, those 8 a.m. classes are going to be a reallll wake-up call. So let’s clean up your sleep hygiene and give yourself enough time to adapt your routine before the start of classes.


With the start of a new semester, you may be feeling those pre-jump jitters, you may be feeling unstoppable, you may be feeling a little bit of both – and that’s okay! By taking the go-ahead with these wellness checkups, you’re setting yourself up with knowledge + resources to thrive.

When you want and need care + support this fall, consider Betty’s Co. your go-to for whole-self healthcare. Virtual or in-person, we’ve got multiple-choice care options for Betties like you.


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