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The Phexxi Facts You Need to Know


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The Annie-Murphy-famous birth control has caused quite a buzz since it came on the birth control market in 2020. I mean, an on-demand, non-hormonal method that puts a Betty in control sounds like a solid contraceptive, am I right? Our GYN experts brought the Phexxi facts so you can find out.



Phexxi is a non-hormonal, contraceptive vaginal gel that is applied one hour before intercourse. A prescription will typically provide you with a box of 12, one-time-use, pre-filled applicators.




Phexxi is a contraceptive gel that is applied intravaginally (similar to how you would insert a tampon!). Phexxi contains three ingredients: lactic acid, citric acid, and potassium bitartrate. This pregnancy-preventing trifecta works together to reduce sperm motility and creates an incompatible environment for sperm by maintaining an acidic pH level in the vagina.


how effective is it?

Phexxi’s effectiveness relies on when and how often you use it. This method only works if you use it before sex, Betties. It will not prevent pregnancy if used after sex. This method also must be used every. single. time. for penis-in-vagina intercourse, EVEN if it’s within an hour!


why might phexxi be a good fit for me?

Phexxi-gelling Betties have the freedom to choose when they want to be protected. Unlike birth control pills which rely on a daily dosage for protection, Phexxi can be utilized on an as-needed basis. 


the bc bottom line

Betties, take time to review Phexxi’s fine print. Timing and accuracy is critical, so if you’re not looking to press pause in the heat of a moment or feel you’d get lax with an every-sesh, Phexxi coating, consider an alternative for your birth control method.

As always, the contraception conversation is one to be had with your provider to ensure Phexxi is a safe and effective BC route for you. They take your body + lifestyle and can equip you with what methods are safe and effective.


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