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3 Products For a More Sustainable Period + Planet

By Gabi Powell

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Betties are leading the pack to a more sustainable future. According to one study, Gen Z’s spending habits differ compared to older generations: 50% reduced how much they buy, and 45% stopped purchasing certain brands because of sustainability or ethics concerns. Whether you’re going full-send on sustainability or looking for small ways to lessen your footprint, Betty’s Awkward Shop is stocked with products to help you help protect our planet.




menstrual cup




If you’re looking to game-change your flow, let us introduce you to…the menstrual cup. These babies work for up to 12 hours and can hold 3x the amount of blood as a super tampon and 8x a regular absorbency. Best, Periodt’s reusable cups are less maintenance for you and less polluting by you. *Bonus* A menstrual cup lasts for up to ten years, – easy on the planet and easy on your wallet!




biodegradable pads + tampons


Box of August regular tampons




DYK: Most pads take 500-800 years to decompose. *mind blown* Thankfully, August is allllllll in on creating period products that make a positive impact by offering period-havers a 2.0 alternative: biodegradable pads + tampons! *jaw drop* Also, if you also equate prods dubbed eco-friendly with frail + flimsy(because, er, same!), Betties can bleed easy. August goes out of its way to make sure its organic tampons + pads have your back, or more. specifically, your blood for a leak-free period.


swap how you shop 


reusable tote




The plastic bag is practically the billboard child for pollution. Consider swapping your single-use plastics for a reusable canvas tote instead! This rec goes out to all the plastic bags that ripped before I reached my car. Not only are reusable totes the more practical (and rip-proof!) vehicle for groceries, but speaking from experience, my Betty’s vulva tote has been the catalyst to conversations with strangers in supermarkets about normalizing women’s health.

Sustainability is top-of-mind for Betties and we are here for the movement toward a greener + brighter future.

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