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3 Tips For Creating Positive GYN Experiences

By Jillian LoPiano, MD Gabi Powell

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Going to the gynecologist shouldn’t echo the sentiments of entering a haunted house, but these are actual responses Betties gave when we asked them to describe their last GYN appointment in one word.

We believe quality GYN care shouldn’t be a rarity, but the norm. To help mitigate the scary, stressful, confusing, and awkward, we asked Betty’s Medical Director, Dr. Jillian LoPiano, for her best tips to create positive GYN experiences.

1. Find The Right Provider

“If you have seen a provider that’s made you feel like you can’t talk to them, or you don’t have good communication, or you can’t ask your questions, you don’t have to go back,” said Dr. LoPiano.

So, let’s start by taking stock of any red flags with your current provider:

🚩 you feel like you can’t talk to them

🚩 you don’t have good communication

🚩 you’re unable to ask questions

If you’ve raised one of the above, it’s time to switch up your care.

Breaking up with a doc might feel awkward af, but your health is *the* priority. Also, a doctor might be excellent, but not the right one for you. And that’s okay.

“If you didn’t have a good experience, don’t feel like you can’t find a new provider,” Dr. LoPiano said.

Search around, she suggested. Ask a Betty for their go-to gyno! When you are confident in your provider choice, you’re less likely to ghost your appointments, and you’re more likely to be proactive in pursuing care. So take the time to explore and don’t settle for a provider who doesn’t meet your needs.


2. Go Into Your Visit Prepared

Prep for your appointment by giving some thought to your care and what you’d like accomplished during your visit:

• What concerns do you have?

• What questions do you want to be answered?

• What symptoms have you been experiencing?

Jot these questions + your answers down and bring them into your appointment. Having these on hand can help make the most of your visit, especially if your mind goes blank.

“Which happens to pretty much everybody,” Dr. LoPiano said. “We get it, so don’t be afraid to go into that visit with your notebook.”

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3. Communicate Your Needs

Is your appointment anxiety focused on any specific aspect of the visit? Maybe you’re feeling uneasy because of a previous negative experience, or maybe you’re a GYN newbie and have a general uneasiness about what to expect. Let your provider know!

Sharing your appointment anxieties is as important as expressing your health concerns, Betties.

Make a note of any nerves alongside your appt goals so they don’t come up as a surprise mid-visit. Communicating with a provider creates more comfortable experiences for you, Betties.

Here at Betty’s Co., we’ve made it our mission to transform how you experience gynecology by providing an entirely new healthcare approach and equipping you with the tools you need to take control of your health.

“Because it is your health,” Dr. LoPiano said. “ And you should never be miserable and uncomfortable when you’re going to see the doctor.”


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