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LGBTQ+ Health: A Betty’s Guide to Inclusive Care + Advocacy

By Gabi Powell Janaya Britton

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Pride is a time for celebrating your identity, Betties. And here at Betty’s Co., this month is a special reminder of why we work to normalize, destigmatize and depoliticize women’s+ health, and why we must continue to listen to revolutionize your experience.

From booking your appointment to the waiting room to your actual visit, you should feel empowered throughout your care experience! While healthcare is making progress in practicing care that considers Betties of all backgrounds, orientations, and preferences, you shouldn’t have to wait to experience inclusive care.


Here are a few things you can do to advocate for your health and a comfortable care experience:



Your overall well-being depends on having a safe and supportive healthcare experience. For every Betty, there’s a perfect provider match, but the search can take some time. Do some research and ask for referrals to find a provider whom you trust and who will create an affirming care environment.



Yeah, those patient history forms can be a bit *yawn* tedious, but transparency allows your provider to give you the most-accurate care + education possible. Be honest and open to sharing your concerns and history. Some things may seem small, but they could help you understand your overall wellness.



If the vibes feel off or if your provider isn’t creating an inclusive environment in any way, let ‘em know, Betties! Many physicians are still learning gender-neutral language and may not be aware of your preferred pronouns. Saying your piece will not only educate your provider but will influence how they might care for others in the future. Most importantly, speaking up supports a better care experience for you.


When it comes to healthcare, your experience matters. As an LGBTQ+ patient, navigating a system that may not always understand or accept you can be tough. But here’s the deal: you deserve inclusive, compassionate care. Don’t stay silent. Speak up, ask questions, and demand the respect you deserve. If needed, explore other options. Your sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression shouldn’t stand in the way of quality medical care and your right to be treated with dignity.



If you’re looking for care that considers you and all your *you*ness, get started with Betty’s. We provide gynecology, mental health, and wellness care that keeps your unique body and lifestyle in mind.

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Okay, your turn! Ask a question, share a story, or give some advice to your fellow Betties. We do our best to monitor all comments. As you engage with each other, please help us keep the Betty's promise to be a place for trust, inclusivity, and open dialogue by being kind to one another.

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