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Yes, Squirting is “Real” – But Should You Actually Care?

By Gabi Powell Jillian LoPiano, MD

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Sexpectations – for the sexually active and not – can rack the nerves, am I right? And then, ya gotta saddle Betties up with porn-supercharged tales of orgasms and pleasure galore that can morph intimacy into a sort of performance?! *Ugh* Time to talk through another toxic schtick surrounding female pleasure: squirting.

What is squirting and is it a real thing?

Sometimes referred to as “gushing” or “female ejaculation,” squirting refers to fluid released from the vagina when sexually aroused. During intercourse, muscle contractions – depending on anatomy + body position + gravity – can cause a build-up of vaginal lubrication to “squirt ” out. So yes, squirting is real, but it’s not exactly the magic-button-push-hose-spewing sensation you might’ve been told.

Okay, but what is in the squirt?

This fluid is a mixed-bag combo of secretions from the glands surrounding the vaginal opening, like the Skene’s gland, along with some urine.

Wait…like pee?!

Lol, yup! This is because the bladder is also housed in the pelvis. When these muscle contract, some of that urine sitting in the bladder can ejaculate.

Is squirting normal?

Betties, y’all know we’re all about normalizing “the awkward” around here. But many of the sex narratives are in dire need of being denormalized, not because they are abnormal or wrong, but because pleasure is an intricate process and our bodies + anatomies are unique. Squirting is relative – some Betties may experience it, others may not, and neither is more indicative of pleasure than the other!

Why is this a women’s health issue?

Whether you’ve had multiple partners or chosen not to have sex, understanding the physiology of sex deconstructs the tropes surrounding sex, such as squirting, so a Betty can better understand their bodies as it relates to intimacy, communicate their preferences with their partner and mindfully approach sexual encounters without the baggage of performance or achievement.


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