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No Need to Panic: Coping with Period Bleed Through Like a Pro

By Gabi Powell Jennifer Newell

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“I have a confession to make…” Jennifer Newell began.

In a recent TikTok video, the Betty’s Co. CEO + founder continued sharing a period story all too familiar. While on stage for a speaker panel, *surprise!* Her period arrived – loud and proud…and right through her pants.

@bettys_co betties gonna bleed.🤷‍♀️ let’s normalize it.🩸✊ . . . . . . #onmyperiod #bleed #period #periodpositive #periodproblems #periodproud #menstruation #normalisingperiods #bloodynormal #normalizeit #periodblood #menstruationmatters #womenswellness #periodconversations #normalize #periodtok #menstruationeducation ♬ original sound – Betty’s Co.

If you found yourself nodding in solidarity with Jen’s tale, it’s because we’ve all been there, Betties! These bloody visitors show up announced and sometimes our pants are the public declaration of a just-arrived period.

Periods don’t come and go on command (but man, wish they would 🥲), and bleed-throughs are bound to happen, but they don’t have to (and shouldn’t!) send you spiraling with embarrassment, Betties!

So we’re here are strategies for dealing with bleed-throughs when they happen.

Keep calm and carry prods

Stash some extra menstrual pads, tampons, or liners in your purse or bag if/when a bleed catches you by surprise. And when a fellow menstruator has a leak, carrying extras lets you be a Betty to lend a prod.

Track your cycle

Bleed-throughs are the worst sort of surprise party, so knowing when your period is due to arrive can help you plan ahead. Keep tabs on your cycle by using a tracking app or calendar.

Assess your prod of choice

Your period product might be to blame for a bleed-through. Consider upping the absorbency of your current prod or swapping for one that can handle your flow. Also, make sure you’re not wearing a product too long! You may need to change it more frequently to avoid future leakage.

Be period proud!

You can play a role in reducing period stigma simply by being open about menstruation with your friends and family. Need to take five for period cramps? Feel empowered to share why you were late! Call out dialogue that makes your period the butt of the joke (“Oh, it must be that time of the month!” 🙄). Be emboldened to carry that tampon on your way to the bathroom! You normalize periods by speaking on and demonstrating how they intersect with everyday life.  For menstruators, periods are integral fixtures, so why should we feel the need to tip-toe around this huge part of our health?

Seek care for frequent bleeds

If recurring bleed-throughs disrupt your life, don’t minimize your symptoms, Betties. Heavy bleeding could indicate a larger issue, so book some time with your provider to run through the nature of your bleeding and health history.

Developing a positive relationship with our periods is a life-long job of learning how to deal with the pains and stains that come with them. But ultimately, they signal an intricate body at work for our health!

“Bleed-throughs are just sometimes part of having a period,” Newell said. “So let’s normalize it.”


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