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Champagne Problems – Hangover Recovery How-Tos

By Claire Lempert Gabi Powell April Keeland, RN

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‘Tis the season for hot toddies!

New Year’s champagne!

Two drinks become another three!

One more glass, because…well, good tidings of great joy!

That is, until the morning after. 🥴 Last night’s party cheers have turned into a real champagne problem. All the holly and jolly is now hurting and jabbing.

Ugh. Hangovers are the worst.

Here at Betty’s, we endorse mindfulness and moderation in all areas, including alcohol. But, we understand, things happen! That’s why we’re here to give our 21+ Betties the no-BS guide to hangover recovery.

To be clear: Betty’s Co. does not condone overdrinking, because binge-drinking habits hinder Betties from living their healthiest lives. Our goal is to help Betties create boundaries that prevent morning-after misery in the first place!


First thing’s first:


After drinking too much, your body is trying to metabolize a chemical called acetaldehyde.

This toxic compound contributes to inflammation in the liver, pancreas, brain, gastrointestinal tract, and other organs and is responsible for a wide range of “hangover symptoms” including increased heart rate, nausea, general GI upset, headaches and rebound anxiety.

You’ve probably heard of pills and potions and techniques promising to cure hangovers. But do they actually work? (*Spoiler alert* They don’t.)

Let’s start by debunking a few of those myths with facts and what to do instead.




Drinking a shot the morning after will make a hangover less severe.



A morning shot might seem to cure a hangover by keeping you tipsy a bit longer. Hair of the Dog only prolongs symptoms, making it more difficult for your body to recover.



Balance out all that booze by drinking plenty of clear fluids. Alcohol is a diuretic (a substance that rids your body of salt and water), which is why you experience ailments of dehydration, such as a headache, nausea, body aches. Do yourself a favor and keep chugging water.




Eating a greasy, late-night snack or breakfast meal will help soak up the alcohol in your system.



Unfortunately, food doesn’t act like a retroactive sponge to remove alcohol already absorbed into your system. Alcohol reduces blood sugar levels, spiking those cravings for high-fat, high-sugar foods. By caving to cravings and fueling with foods your body has difficulty processing as is, you simply exert your digestive system even more.




Put down the fries and reach for a nutrient-dense meal. Pair whole-grain carbs, such as toast or oatmeal, with proteins, like eggs, bacon, peanut butter or Greek yogurt. These combos will nourish your body and restore blood sugar levels after a long night out.





Hitting the gym will do wonders for ridding your body of toxins.


Alcohol is metabolized just like all other foods and drinks. And just like you can’t sweat out a meal, you can’t flush out last night’s libations that easily. Sweat will further dehydrate your body, increasing the stress put on your body.



Trade in that high-sweat sesh for light activity, like a walk or yoga practice. Overloading yourself with physical activity only puts you at risk for injury, so keep it low-key and leisurely, simply something to get that blood flowing.


Betties, the best hangover tip we can give you is this: grant your mind and body rest.

Much like recovering from an all-nighter, what your body wants most is to recalibrate and get back on track. Get some sleep. No screens, no work, no strenuous activity. Find a place that allows you to recoup and take some time and get some space from the rush and stimulation.

But hangover remedies do not help you create a healthier relationship with alcohol.

Betties, smart-drinking habits are established before the booze, by a sober presence of mind. Because in-the-moment logic becomes impossible the moment alcohol hits your lips.

Once your inhibitions are lowered, “how much is too much?” becomes much more difficult to determine. Set yourself up with pre-party measures that put you on booze control.

The holidays are a back-to-back-to-back season of celebrations and possibly, recurring source of temptation to overindulge.

Betties, moderation is the gift that keeps on giving this season. By adopting mindful drinking habits, you’re able to be fully present to enjoy the night and the morning after.

We’ll cheers to that! 🥂


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