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5 Steps To ~Healthfully~ Bounce Back From Overeating


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We’re knee-deep into feast season. Bring on the 🥧holiday sweets, 🍪homemade desserts, 🌮comfort foods and 🍕party eats (*wipes drool from keyboard*)! With yums abounding, you very well might find yourself going from one serving to serving number I-lost-count-after-four. Been there, ate that (and then some!), sister.

We always advocate for balance around here, Betties. So mindfully enjoy the sweets ‘n’ treats and if find you’ve overdone it, here are five steps to recover well:


ease back into a routine

No cutting meals to “make up” for what you ate! Start with water and a nutritious breakfast. If you wake up feeling too full to eat anything, continue focusing on hydration throughout your day.


move your body

Exercise should NEVER be used to punish or counter overeating. However, if you feel a little *bleh* after eating too much, light exercise (think: yoga, or walking) will help by increasing circulation throughout your body.


head outside

Did you know sunshine and air have been proven to help alleviate symptoms of nausea? So get out of your room and getcha some vitamin D for some of nature’s benefits.


check in with yourself

You might find this to be a bit of an unusual suggestion, but journaling allows you to keep a pulse on what you’re feeling now + something for you to come back to later. Ask yourself: How did you feel after indulging? Why do you think you did it? Do you think it will happen again?


Reflect on the why

Consider whether your overindulgence is a one-time thing, or whether certain conditions make you more likely to engage in unhealthy eating patterns. Is this a habit that comes out only on the weekends? Is overeating fueled by my in-the-moment emotions? Does this tend to mostly happen when I’m with friends? Reflecting on *WHY* you overindulged can help you be proactive in preventing another binge.


we are here for you.
Betties, if you notice a pattern of overeating, it may be time to reach out for help. Our team of healthy living experts and counselors is ready to talk through the mental roadblocks of mindful eating and help you create lifestyle changes to better your whole self.


let your body rest

Rest allows your body to focus energy on GI (gastrointestinal) movement to better digest and process your food. Plan to get 7-9 hours of goooooood sleep. Make sure you go to bed at your normal hour or slightly before.


Too much (insert deliciousness of choice) can happen to all of us, Betties. So having a game plan before is key to setting you up for balanced eating. Keep reading to prepare for you next GNO, holiday party or get-together:





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