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Body-Smart Drinking Habits for a Happier Happy Hour

By Claire Lempert April Keeland, RN Gabi Powell

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We believe in deliberate, decision-making and preparation around here – whether that’s indulging in good food, deciding to have sex, or enjoying a glass or two of vino!


21+ Betties: we recommend limiting yourself to 1-2 drinks per hour.

And when it comes to alcohol especially, body-smart habits should be established before the booze, by a sober presence of mind. Because in-the-moment moderation becomes impossible the moment alcohol hits your lips!

When your inhibitions are lowered, “how much is too much?” becomes much more difficult to determine. Set yourself up with some pre-party measures that put you on booze control, Betties.


body-smart drinking habits:


Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea, so consider pregaming a party with dinner first to slow down alcohol’s rate of absorption.



Plan out what and how much you are going to drink – and stick to it. Only you know your limits, Betties. By committing to a drink prix fixe beforehand, you’re more likely to make informed decisions.



Try this: Drink a glass of water between every alcoholic drink. Not only will it help keep you hydrated, but doing so will force you to slow down and gauge how much and how fast you’re consuming alcohol. If you intend on being out for a long night, consider packing a snack, too!



Commit to an exit plan: when you will stop drinking, how you are going to get home, and once home, what time you will go to bed. Betties, NEVER drive or let anyone drive you while intoxicated. Nailing down these details not only supports a hangover-free morning, but is vital for the safety of yourself and those around you.

Our body-smart habits aim to bring intentionality and attention to why you’re drinking and how much you’re drinking. This approach to mindful moderation allows you to enjoy and maintain a healthy relationship with alcohol!


your turn, betties!

Do you have a body-smart drinking practice you’d add to the list?

Drop yours in the comments!


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